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Samsung’s ‘Smart Windshield’ Tackles Motorcycle Safety

Leo Burnett Italy’s latest is part of client’s “Launching People, Mixed Talents” global campaign

In Italy, using smartphones while driving contributes to 25 percent of accidents among young motorists. Samsung and Leo Burnett Italy tackled motorcycle safety by creating the Samsung "Smart Windshield.”

Part of Samsung’s “Launching People, Mixed Talents” global campaign, which kicked off in 2015, Smart Windshield allows motorcyclists to connect their smartphones to their vehicle, providing windshield displays including GPS navigator, text messages, emails and voice calls. They can choose to stop and answer, or send an automated “I’m driving” message reply.

The premise of the global campaign is to pair two individuals with different expertise in each market to collaborate and crowdsource solutions for local issues using Samsung technology. In Italy, Samsung partnered with Edo Mossi, a rally and motorcross rider, and Matteo Bruno, aka Cane Secco, a YouTube star, to develop Smart Windshield. Yamaha provided the Tricity 125 scooter to be fitted with the device.

Samsung’s “Launching People" debuted two years ago and is known for award-winning programs such as “Maestros Academy” in Italy and the “S-Drive” in Australia.